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The seating arrangement plays a big role for a successful wedding.

Long Wedding Table on Welgemeend Veranda

Besides the classic place cards, there are a variety of other beautiful ways to present the seating arrangement in a decorative manner. The great thing about it: these ideas for the seating arrangements can be beautifully integrated into your Wedding Decor!

Present the seating arrangement with table numbers.

If the seating arrangements for the wedding is ready, there are many attractive options to tell your wedding guests where and with whom they sit at a table. How about, for example, with a printed schedule or on a canvas at the entrance to the wedding location? There you can display the table numbers and the names of the wedding guests. Alternatively, you can also place cards with names and table numbers eg attached to a belt with small clips that the wedding guests can remove and take them to their table. To ensure that your wedding guests will find their place in the seating arrangement, the table numbers should be on the individual tables. You can also use cities or country name instead of table numbers. Or you can use symbols or terms that are relevant to your relationship. 

Table setup at Welgemeend

Alternatives to table cards

There a plenty of alternatives to traditional place cards. From small vases with name tags to small clips that hold the name cards on the plate, everything is possible. Just let your creativity play!

Nature inspired place cards

If you live near a river or the sea then you can collect a few nice flat beach pebbles or mussel shells and inscribe these individually with the names of your guests. A nice memory for your guests to take home.


For a colorful celebration balloons provide great as place cards. Tie each balloon to a chair,  with the name of the guest written on it.

Seating arrangement with little gifts for your guests

Besides the table card holders, there are a variety of other ideas, which can be nicely integrated as part of the table decoration of your wedding. Nice Nameplates on boxes or cartons filled with wedding candies. Another possibility is name tags on small glasses with sugar-coated chocolate confectionery or homemade jam, which the guests can take home as a gift.

Colorful Flowers at Welgemeend Venue