Winter Waiter Training at Welgemeend Cape Town

Winter Waiter School at Welgemeend Cape Town

While seemingly waitering is a job anyone can get, certainly not everyone can handle working in this profession. Restaurant and Waiter Company employees are faced with a high-pressure customer service position and it has to be handled in a delicate, friendly and professional manner. In our one day waiter course we teach the basic skills, good manners and high efficiency.

Why book the essential 1 day waiter course for waiter companies and hospitality?

  • SKILLS – To make sure your waitrons have the skills and knowledge they need
  • PEACE OF MIND – To worry less about your staff’s ability and when they out there WHAT ARE THEY DOING!
  • CONFIDENCE – Be more confident about your waitrons
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Happy clients create repeated business
  • AVOID COMPLAINTS – Less complains about the service and lack of basic skills
  • MOTIVATION – Motivate your staff
  • HAPPINESS – Happy You, Happy Waiters, Happy Customers

What is on the learning menu?
The 6 basic skills every waiter must master to be successful in the hospitality industry:

  • CUSTOMER RELATIONS with guests and also with the management and colleagues
  • TABLE SETUP  Cutlery, crockery and glassware. Different styles of service – plated, cocktail, buffet, coffee and tea service
  • OPEN-HANDLE-POUR wine and champagne professionally
  • SERVE AND CLEAR the table the professional way
  • CLEAN AS YOU GO being efficient 
  • CLOSING DUTIES it ain’t over til it’s over

Karin Koch




Welgemeend Venue
2 Welgemeend Street

You can book a day or more only for your staff or you can book as an individual.
Please contact us for your very own session.
I accommodate a max of 8 students in a class, because we need to do mostly practical work
26. / 27. June 2018
3.  / 4. /  5. July 2018
10.  / 11. / 12. July 2018

1 Day Course
09H00 AM – 16H00 PM

Only R350.00 for the full day

We will provide:
Coffee/Water/Juice and Sandwich for lunch

What to bring:
Waiters friend and tray (if you have)

How do I book?
Call Karin 021 – 422 2601
or fill in the contact form


To provide excellent service to the patrons has to be primary goal for managers and waitrons . The clients experience is as important as the food. Friendliness and good manners are paramount. Even if a customer is unreasonable and rude, stay calm and interact pleasantly. Waiter must be able handle multiple tasks with efficiency and poise. This industry requires flexibility and it certainly is not a 9-5 employment. 

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