Waiter Training at Welgemeend Cape Town

Waiter School at Welgemeend Cape Town

While seemingly waitering is a job anyone can get, certainly not everyone can handle working in this profession. Restaurant and Waiter Company employees are faced with a high-pressure customer service position and it has to be handled in a delicate, friendly and professional manner. In our one day waiter course we teach the basic skills, good manners and high efficiency.

Why book the essential 1 day waiter course for waiter companies and hospitality?

  • SKILLS – To make sure your waitrons have the skills and knowledge they need
  • PEACE OF MIND – To worry less about your staff’s ability and when they out there WHAT ARE THEY DOING!
  • CONFIDENCE – Be more confident about your waitrons
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Happy clients create repeated business
  • AVOID COMPLAINTS – Less complains about the service and lack of basic skills
  • MOTIVATION – Motivate your staff
  • HAPPINESS – Happy You, Happy Waiters, Happy Customers

What is on the learning menu?
The 6 basic skills every waiter must master to be successful in the hospitality industry:

  • CUSTOMER RELATIONS with guests and also with the management and colleagues
  • TABLE SETUP  Cutlery, crockery and glassware. Different styles of service – plated, cocktail, buffet, coffee and tea service
  • OPEN-HANDLE-POUR wine and champagne professionally
  • SERVE AND CLEAR the table the professional way
  • CLEAN AS YOU GO being efficient 
  • CLOSING DUTIES it ain’t over til it’s over

Karin Koch




Welgemeend Event and Conference Venue
2 Welgemeend Street
Cape Town

You can book a day or more only for your staff or you can book as an individual.
Restaurant and Wine Farms please contact us for your very own session at our venue or your venue.
I accommodate a max of 8 students in a class, because we need to do mostly practical work.
We are busy bringing out the 2020 datres.

1 Day Course
09H00 AM – 16H00 PM

Only R490.00 for the full day

We will provide:
Coffee/Water/Juice and a Sandwich for lunch

What to bring:
Waiters friend and tray (if you have)

How do I book?
Call Karin 021 – 422 2601
fill in the contact form


To provide excellent service to the patrons has to be primary goal for managers and waitrons . The clients experience is as important as the food. Friendliness and good manners are paramount. Even if a customer is unreasonable and rude, stay calm and interact pleasantly. Waiter must be able handle multiple tasks with efficiency and poise. This industry requires flexibility and it certainly is not a 9-5 employment.