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A wedding is a big project and you should use our checklist to make it the perfect wedding.

Welgemeend Wedding Venue is helping you with a Wedding checklist.

  1. Determine the general framework of your wedding Is the marriage a civil ceremony, church or will it just be a ceremony? The Food large, small, cocktail style or elegant? Before this framework is not specified, the location can not be selected.
  2. Set a budget for your wedding.
    How much money can you and do you want to spend? Manage your budget and keep an eye on your expenses. Package Deals are usually the best choice.
  3. Decide on a wedding date. Agree the date with your most important guests. Check if your Wedding date is in Holiday time, on a Public Holiday or on a day where men rather go and watch Rugby.
  4. Create an initial guest list. Before the list of your guests is not available, you can not search for a Venue!
  5. Find a suitable Venue for your wedding ceremony and clarify whether it is still available. The location, number of guests, catering, etc. are important. Clarify whether the Venue of your choice is available on your preferred date and time.
  6. Create a wedding folder. So you do not lose track of your Wedding Planning. Put all forms and documents for your wedding folder.
  7. Create a Wedding Website so your Guests can always check the latest status of your Wedding planning.
  8. Announce your wedding with Save the Date cards at an early stage, so that your guests can keep this special day open.
  9. Sign up for civil marriage and get all the necessary forms and papers.
  10. Select a pastor and discuss your wedding ceremony with him. Discuss the musical accompaniment during the ceremony.
  11. Order the invitation cards, matching menus, table and Thanks You cards from your printer.
  12. Make an appointment with your Wedding Venue and discuss the details. Go through important points with the Venue e.g. children’s menu, place cards, floral arrangements, vegetarian menu and decor.
  13. The wedding dress often takes a lot of time and needs to be adjusted by a tailor. So start as early as possible with the search for it!
  14. Select your grooms men and women. Ask your desired witnesses, whether they want to take on the task and inform them early about the wedding date.
  15. Book a photo or videographer for your wedding.
  16. Look for a suitable entertainment for your event. Get offers from musicians or DJs. Discuss the songs for the ceremony and the songs for the wedding celebration.
  17. Organise a wedding table – in a local store or online. You can already point out on the invitation card where your wedding gift table is to be found, so your guests know what wedding gifts you want.
  18. Book a caterer or catering service in case your Venue does not offer these services and search for companies that provide you with tents, chairs, etc.
  19. Send out your invitation cards and note on the cards:  Who marries when and where. Tell your guests who to contact, accommodation possibilities, transportation and directions.
  20. Rent your wedding car. In a special wedding car you feel like a royal couple.
  21. Check the number of guests and begin to plan the seating arrangements.
  22. Discuss with the florist floral decorations for the wedding ceremony and celebration. Also remember the bridal bouquet, table decoration, car decoration and the flower children.
  23. Choose your Wedding rings at the jeweller of your choice. If you use your engagement rings as Wedding rings you can engrave these.
  24. Assign tasks for all your helpers at the wedding party. Be as specific as possible and talk to them.
  25. Think about and plan your wedding speeches by Family members and Guests.
  26. Choose your wedding suit. The suit should color match the wedding dress.
  27. Choose the outfit for flower children and bridesmaids. Match the dresses of the bridesmaids and flower children with the wedding dress.
  28. Discuss and order your Wedding cake with the pastry chef of your choice.
  29. Make an appointment at the hairdresser and discuss your desired hairstyle.
  30. Do the final check of your wedding dress. Are there still changes to be made? Then now is the last chance.
  31. Buy a Wedding Guest Book and some nice pencils so your Guests can write down their best wishes for you.
  32. Buy small gifts for all the hardworking volunteers who have helped in the preparation of your wedding and for special guests, such as your parents.
  33. Call all suppliers and helpers and check if everything goes according to plan, do they have the right delivery address and do they need directions.
  34. Start wearing in your bridal shoes to prevent blisters.
  35. Now that you have an accurate picture of who will come to your wedding. Inform your Wedding Venue how many people will be present and give them your schedule for the day with exact times of what is happening when.
  36. An appointment with the beautician and nail salon should definitely be tackled just before the wedding.
  37. Now the time has come to pack your bags for the honeymoon. Make yourself a list of what you may not forget by any means.
  38. Make the final preparations. Pack the handbag of the bride, Wedding Dress, Rings, Money and the necessary papers and forms.

There you Go. The perfect Checklist for a successful Wedding.
You are welcome to download our Wedding Checklist