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Our Terms and Conditions including Rates

Terms, Conditions, Pricing and COVID Rules

The important T’s and C’s

Please download our Terms & Conditions including the pricelist.

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Read COVID 19 Rules at Welgemeend

Welgemeend during Covid-19

If you are planning to book an appointment or meeting/work session, we require you to please read through all the below information.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our systems and procedures have changed slightly:

As a business, we want to keep all our staff and guests as safe as possible, whilst providing a relaxing and professional environment to all our guests again.

We require all clients entering our space to read and agree with the below requirements:

I confirm that I am fully aware that the COVID-19 virus is contagious and could be carried by people that are asymptomatic. I am also aware that the virus is spread by droplets and therefore agree to wear a mask when possible. If I am not wearing a mask, that I will keep my social distancing from other guests and staff.

I consent to applying sanitizer to my hands, and my temperature being taken upon entry to the schoolgrounds or Welgemeend depending on your point of entering.

I therefore confirm that I am not suffering from any flu like symptoms, fever, dry cough, headaches, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of taste/smell.  I also confirm that I have not been infected with the Coronavirus or been in contact with anyone infected with the virus in the last 14 days, that I know of. I can also confirm that I have not travelled outside of SA or within SA for the last 14 days.

Please read below:

  1. All staff at Welgemeend will wear masks, uniforms, and closed shoes.
  2. The staff will be kept to a minimum during functions.
  3. All staff will be screened in the morning, when they arrive at work.
  4. Sanitizer will be available to clients at entrance, on food stations and in bathrooms.
  5. We will use a thermometer to take your temperature, at the entrance.
  6. We will not have any books or pens available for conferencing, please provide your own. If you use board markers, they can be sanitized.
  7. We will practice social distancing; we ask you to do so as well.
  8. There will be refreshments available, you can choose between disposable cutlery and crockery or normal, this will be your choice.
  9. Buffet/Coffee stations will be equipped with sanitizer and tongs, please do not touch any food on a platter with your hands.
  10. We will make use of paper towels and/or disposable hand towels.
  11. Function rooms will open windows and doors, if needed.
  12. Guests can only enter the premises by appointment only or if a booking was made by a client.
  13. We ask you to please leave additional handbags/coats/items not needed in the facility in your cars or at home. Please bring just the essentials you need.
  14. Function rooms will be sanitized before and after conference/meeting.
  15. Only one conference/meeting will be held per day.
  16. The client and their team that booked a conference/meeting at Welgemeend will be the only guests in the venue on that day.
  17. Function numbers will be kept to a minimum, as per the government guidelines and social distance space available at Welgemeend.
  18. Only one person will be allocated to a conference table.
Welgemeend Venue with Table Mountain in the Background

Office Hours

08:00am – 18:00pm

On appointment

On appointment

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