Welgemeend Wedding Guide – A checklist for successful speeches

Wedding Speech Basics: Everyone can talk, but please as short as possible, ie maximum of 5 minutes. Try to do a free speech without reading from notes.

Write down keywords on file cards to help you. Practice your speech beforehand.

The speeches are usually made between starter and main course, . In most cases the bride’s father begins. Then the  father of the groom, the best man to follow and then others. Finally the bride and groom (usually the groom) will round-up with short words of thank you.

Quick checklist for a successful speakerWedding guide speeches

  •      Speak about what and whom?
  •      What is really important, what is unimportant?
  •      Outline the speech introduction, body and conclusion
  •      Make a free speech if possible
  •      Form short sentences.
  •      Create a keyword list
  •      Remove buzzwords and phrases
  •      Agree on speech duration with couple
  •      Consider facial expressions and gestures
  •      Speaking loud enough