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Free wedding planning apps for your Smartphone

These apps will help you to plan your wedding

2 Apps namely Our Wedding Planner and Wedding Plandroid.

Both Wedding planning Apps are free however they both show Ads. If you want to get rid of the Ads you can buy the paid version of Our Wedding Planer  for R22.00. Wedding Plandroid doesn’t offer an Ad Free version.

We find both Apps are easy to handle and really helpful. You can manage your Guest List, Budget, To Do list and Suppliers.
Both candidates have preloaded tasks and budget items. It is possible to add your own items.

You can import guest and supplier details from your phone contacts.

Tasks in Wedding Plandroid are sorted by the time left to your wedding day. Here Our Wedding Planer is more flexible by offering 3 sorting criteria A-Z, Time to Wedding and by Category.

Should you wish to share your data with someone else you can. Wedding Plandroid offers an Export function. Our Wedding Planer as well offers an option to synchronize however this functionality is only available in the paid version.

User rating for WP is 4.1 on Google Play and 4.0 for OWP, so it is really up to you to decide which App you like more. Both of them are definitely a great help to make sure your Wedding is going to be awesome.

Of course we are there for you as well with our Wedding Services.

 Wedding Plandroid on Google Play

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Our Wedding Planer on Google Play

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